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Searching for Windmills

I was in The Netherlands in June, a country I'm very impressed with, particularly the hospital service! Janet fell off her bike in Amsterdam, in bike rush hour Amsterdam, which resembles the M25. She fractured her wrist meaning a visit to the Emergency Room or A&E. Wow, talk about impressive! What service, what a great system. Coming from the UK one can only marvel and envy.

You cannot visit The Netherlands as a photographer without a touch of windmill hunting and as Janet was unable to cycle (arm in plaster) I set off on a number of solo cycle explorations to seek them out. The weather was hot and clear giving me some great sunsets. The sun didn't go down until almost ten o'clock, then an hour of the wonderful blueness by which time it was gone eleven. and pitch dark. Cycling back to our camper van turned into a bit of a challenge, retracing my route which I thought I had memorised, but as usual, it was all worth it for the shots.

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