Well, welcome to my site and thank you for taking a look.


I’m an amateur photographer, an enthusiast you might say, perhaps even obsessive, but I do have bags of motivation to make interesting photographs.

Since getting the bug, no more than five years ago, photography has filled a creative need after a working life in professional music. I’ve found photography inspiring, rewarding, frustrating and demanding, just like music in fact, 

It's now a serious interest but I don't aspire to make money from my work, not for me anyway.

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And so, why a website? 


At its simplest it's no more than a vanity project. Digital photography allows me to take thousands upon thousands of images, with very little financial constraint. But once the weeding process takes place, what happens to the chosen images, the ‘keepers’? 

Invariably they are parked on a hard drive!

selfie, Our Lockdown

The website for me, apart from just vanity, acts as motivation to assess and sort my images. It makes me really think about an image. Quite simply is it a picture that I'm proud of? Is it about something, rather than just of something?


Photography these days is regarded as an instant process. At it's best though it is still a slow and thoughtful set of choices. Not a bad thing at all and perhaps the conundrum of photography in the digital age.

I recently heard the author Jay Griffiths talking on Radio 3. It was a discussion on ‘wildness’ in music, primarily the music of Sibelius but her thoughts resonate so well for photography.


“the heart of artistic endeavour is not the dutiful portraying of something, it’s not copying, it’s turning and the word turn is such a simple word…… it’s an extraordinary deep way of looking at art in that you take what life gives you personally and you turn it, it’s still there but it’s transformed. That is the heart of what all art needs to try to do, otherwise it’s a photocopy”

An aspiration perhaps...

Any comments, I would love to hear from you here

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