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At the turn of the new century, 2000, my wife Janet and I took off on a new life afloat. 
For the following thirteen years we lived firstly on our motor cruiser, then a handsome Dutch barge, cruising the European waterways and the Mediterranean. My book charts the journey from landlubbing musician to sailor. It was quite an adventure but what a shame I was not into serious photography at the time. 


From Mozart to the Med... a new life afloat. 

Malcolm and Janet Nabarro are musicians who for a major part of their working lives performed with the professional orchestra Malcolm established in 1982. After resigning their positions in the mid 90's their search for a new direction led to the idea of buying a boat and sailing off into a new life. A classic twin engined cruiser, eventually purchased and re-named Starry Vere, was their first boat. The purchase, a time of both doubt and excitement, led them to embark on an eventful steep learning curve as they moved from a life musical to one nautical. 


Mistakes and near-misses are matched by triumph, satisfaction and sheer joy, culminating in their adventure where they leave British shores and head for France as full-time live-a-boards. 


Their voyage is more than just geographical. It's a time of healing, reconciling, of growing and enriching. Most of all it's a story of learning to live again.

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ISBN 978-1-84799-217-8

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