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I enjoy the whole photographic process, from shooting to printing, and having recently invested in a new printer (Canon Pro 200) my enthusiasm for printing has been re-ignited. Using the superb free Canon Printer Utility the printing process has become easier, more reliable and as a consequence so much more satisfying than my earlier often frustrating efforts.

I have now started to choose suitable images for card making. I love the cotton rag papers, these are my go to choice and I find the result very rewarding. An encouraging response from family and friends has prompted me to make cards available for sale on my website. I'm sure Hallmark will not be worrying but for me it's yet another outlet to show my photography. Moving images away from just the electronic screen is always an aim. For me a photograph is best as a tangible printed image, dare I say work of art (?) that I can hold, enjoy, and even display if I think it worthy.... and I can find some wall space!

Take a look on my site; 'cards' is the page funnily enough.

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