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Windy - a success

My image 'Windy' achieved success in February, winning the open class of Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society's first DPI competition of the year. I was particularly pleased because it's an image that is a little unusual, particularly for success in a photo club competition. In my experience the judging in club competitions tends to follow well worn criteria and even somewhat fixed rules, meaning anything a little different often does not do well. It's totally subjective of course but I was pleasantly surprised that the judge in this case 'got' what I was trying to achieve.... the next one might not!

The image was taken on a very windy Cromer Pier. I sat in a shelter with camera on my knee giving some stability so that I could use a relatively slow shutter speed. My aim was to retain sharpness in the permanent pier structures but catch the wind blown movement of the few people venturing onto the pier. It makes a particularly good print, the pastel colour palette working well on matt cotton rag paper.

Incidentally Nottingham Outlaws (NOPS) is a great friendly club. Check us out on

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