• malcolmnabarro

Nottingham Trams

I must admit I was not over excited about turning out last week, on a busy Thursday evening, to join other members of NOPS in the centre of the city to photograph..... Trams.

We met at the left lion in the square and already the area was alive with mainly youngsters setting about an evening's entertainment. However, we set off in small groups, trams are not hard to find in the city centre, and began our assignment. And, I have to say as the evening progressed and darkness set in I warmed to the topic. I remembered that out of town there was a modern office block adjacent to the tram line and it would probably be illuminated at dusk. Sure enough and to my great delight not only was it illuminated but sporting lovely blue light that co-ordinated perfectly with the 'golden hour' dark blue sky. I ended up enjoying myself, and the drink in the pub later finished of a productive evening. Thanks NOPS for dragging me out!

Thursday night was Tram night!