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New Start

I've decided to write a weekly blog focusing on my photography. My aims, my successes my failures. One decision I've made, and I resisted saying 'major decision', for in the grand scheme of things my modest photography hobby ambition is certainly not major in any sense, particularly in the context of this fragile world. My re-focus, we could call it, is to forget completely about the vain attempt to sell images, albeit for a good cause. Pursuing this project and trying to publicise it via Instagram had become an unhealthy diversion. I was thinking more about what would or might sell, about being 'liked', and not about the creative process, which as a hobbyist surely is the raison d'être. A reset then, and I feel lifted by this decision. Just follow my aim of creativity is the rule,

and if any one else likes what I do, that's a bonus.

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