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TRIPTYCH - janet

Initially this seems a rather disparate triptych, three very different images, but believe me there is a connection.

If I ever point the camera in the direction of Janet I'm rewarded with a lovely full-faced smile. Not that I don't appreciate the smile, but having been married to, living with and working with her, for more than fifty years, I'm looking for something just a little different than, the smile.

It is quite an interesting quest to catch Janet unawares. Perhaps creeping up behind her as she studies the photographs of Helene Binet in the RA is a little sneaky, but she definitely wasn't smiling!

Janet Burgos cafe 3000.jpg
Janet Studying Helene Binet 3000.jpg
Janet white wall blurb.jpg

That each affects the other

and the other affects the next

and the world is full of pictures

but the stories are all one

If you made it this far, many thanks for looking
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