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Big Track 37 title.jpg
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BIG TRACK was an ongoing project during the lockdown winter of 2020-21.

Big Track refers to a recreational cycling or walking route created in Nottingham alongside the Nottingham and Beeston canal and the River Trent. It's an interesting and varied 10 mile route which I have loved exploring, particularly on my new Nottingham built Raleigh e-bike! The great thing about this route is that it takes in an old industrial waterfront quarter of the city, much of which I hadn't known until discovering the track, 

From cycling the track for the first time I was struck by the photographic possibility of recording the route and trying to capture its changing character and the character's of it's many and varied users. 

The Track is a complete circle, I usually join it where the canal passes under London Road, the first image of the set, and my route for this project is anti-clockwise.

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