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Having lived in mainland Europe for thirteen years and totally embracing the experience, how can I not be a devoted European? During Britain's Brexit fiasco I attended a number of demonstrations in London, as a demonstrator of course but also as a photographer. The events were newsworthy and attracted professional , paparazzi, from all over Europe. I was intrigued to see them at work and noticed how generally they remained apart from the crowd, looking 'in' for their newsworthy shots. I enjoyed becoming one of the crowd and tried to capture the passion and the strength of feeling all around me. 


I came away with hundreds of images and collated a number in book form.


Brexit happened and I thought that was that.


Recently I re-visited my images and with hindsight I now look at many in a different light. The collection below is of just twenty images that initially didn't make the cut. I was excited to find, with refreshed post Brexit eyes, images that now seem to resonate with these times.

I have deliberately de-saturated the colours, it seemed appropriate.  

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